People are continually amazed at the amount of work that goes into a movie, music video or commercial. They underestimate the skills and talents necessary to create the vivid and realistic special effects that viewers have come to expect.

For 27 years Performance Solutions has created those special effects and unique props for the marketing and entertainment industries in Toronto.

We bring our vast knowledge, materials resources and special effects experience to make it all happen. What you can imagine, our group of talented technicians and artisans can bring to life, whether it is a complicated prop build or a simulated gunfight on a crowed street.

Our FX coordinators in conjunction with your production team work towards creating the desired effects. Atmospherics such as wind, rain, snow or fog and pyrotechnic effects including gunfire and explosions, these are just some areas of our expertise. Performance Solutions is fully insured with an impeccable safety record. Our projects are presented on time and on budget.