Audi Wanted To Park A Car On Two Wheels, Don’t Try This At Home!

Customers often come to Performance Solutions in order work through and enhance ideas that they have for Television commercials or Marketing endeavors.

Audi’s agency recently came to us with this request. How can we show off the prowess of the new Audi Q3 with agile engineering, in a unique and interesting way? How can we enhance the concept that the new Q3 can conquer the city by parking in impossibly tight spots?

The stipulations were, we could not alter the car in any way, we could not exceed a 45 degree angle on the car and we had to run on stock factory wheels and rims.

It wasn’t long before the design department produced this creative solution to illustrate the Audi’s nimble capabilities, even if it was in a dramatized way.

Click the link for the rendering video below.

Audi Wanted To Park A Car On Two Wheels, Don’t Try This At Home!


We created a tripod steel structure, where a fifth wheel could be attached. We also bolted a base to the SUV, to help prop the car up on the desired angle.

Once the base was installed, the vehicle was then lifted via forklift, in order to install the 5th wheel and then set the vehicle into the correct position.

Performance Solutions has been supporting the television and film industries with various physical effects, and is a supporting division in our company. Our professional team of accomplished designers, technicians and coordinators has the ability to take your visions or the words on a script and make them reality. For more information on how we made this SUV park in a tight spot, or any of our other capabilities, contact us today!

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