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Big Sculpture | Big Event | Big Movie | Big Results

How do you promote the biggest blockbuster blow-out movie of the summer in a way that will engage as many people as possible? Simple: come up with a cool idea, bring it to Performance Solutions (PS) and sign the contract! When their client wanted something epic to promote the North American premier of X-Men: Apocalypse,… Read more »

What do Marilyn Monroe, Willem Defoe and Performance Solutions have in common?

A super bowl commercial is a major investment for any product and for this year’s game, Snickers stepped right up. Perhaps that’s why they approached Performance Solutions with the goal of creating a truly memorable commercial. Recently the “Just not the same when you’re hungry” campaign has cast a diverse collection of stars, however this… Read more »

Tim Horton’s Fills a Cup of Good Deeds in Grimbsy, Ontario

Back in 2010, we worked with Tim Horton’s to celebrate the Ice Hockey World Junior Championships by turning an indoor rink into a festive outdoor skating pond. This year, we were fortunate enough to collaborate with the popular café and bake shop again to spread some holiday cheer in a small town in Ontario. The… Read more »

Molson Brings Nations Together: Global Beer Fridge

Molson Brings Nations Together Global Beer Fridge

Molson’s Breweries and Google wanted to figure out a way to unite people from different places, ancestral backgrounds, and heritage together with a project that all the while, would reward them with for their united efforts. Remember the initial Global Beer Fridge project in 2012?   The fridge was sent to Europe and Asia, and when… Read more »

Audi Wanted To Park A Car On Two Wheels, Don’t Try This At Home!

Audi Wanted To Park A Car On Two Wheels, Don’t Try This At Home!

Customers often come to Performance Solutions in order work through and enhance ideas that they have for Television commercials or Marketing endeavors. Audi’s agency recently came to us with this request. How can we show off the prowess of the new Audi Q3 with agile engineering, in a unique and interesting way? How can we… Read more »

Tractor Trailer Retrofitted For Movie Experience

Tractor Trailer Retrofitted For Movie Experience

The months of January and February of 2015 were all about the Lions Gate release of the movie, Insurgent. Based on the novels by Veronica Roth, the second film in the Divergent Series had a highly anticipated release. To increase excitement for the nationwide theatrical release, Performance Solutions retrofitted a 53-foot box trailer to advertise… Read more »