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Keep the Ball Rolling Toronto: Hoops is Here to Stay!

The Maple Leafs are firmly rooted at the bottom of the league, mired in a rebuild. The Blue Jays are inexplicably playing miles below their championship winning potential. There is, however, one shining star on the Toronto professional sports horizon. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the Toronto Raptors. Playoff madness is upon us and our squad… Read more »

Joy Goes Around: Two Wheels + One Vision = Bikes for Africa

How about we shelf the world’s more substantial problems for a few minutes and try to feel good about something, okay? Ah, here’s something: Cadbury has decided to give something back at the grass roots level, and they’re making a difference. Through their ongoing Bicycle Factory campaign, Cadbury continues their work to provide citizens of… Read more »

Performance Solutions Answers the (Curtain) Call

There is a trend developing in the architectural realm, and it’s growing fast. The challenge: to maximize usage and revenue streams, particularly in public buildings, such as libraries, universities and sports complexes. The solution: make existing spaces more adaptable. Space is at a premium. Construction and operating costs are soaring. So how did a modest… Read more »

Metal Kings Meet King of Beers: Performance Performs Impeccably (again!)

With the help of Toronto-based custom fabrication studio, Performance Solutions and our friends at Anomaly (@anomalyxd), Budweiser has added something new to their world famous, beechwood-aged beer recipe. Is it overpowering hoppiness? Nope. Is a natural lime flavour infusion, you ask? Not this time. For a limited run (…91,000 frosty cans to be exact), Budweiser… Read more »