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How do you promote the biggest blockbuster blow-out movie of the summer in a way that will engage as many people as possible? Simple: come up with a cool idea, bring it to Performance Solutions (PS) and sign the contract! When their client wanted something epic to promote the North American premier of X-Men: Apocalypse, that’s just what our friends at JamVan did and I guess you could say…. they’re pretty freakin’ happy! So, there’s a little more to this story but let’s just say that if you’re in the market for a 9-foot tall, foam-carved, hard-coated, scenic painted, weather-proof, fully portable, custom counter-weighted hand-crushing-a-skull, you don’t want to call anyone else. Anyway, if you’re looking for one of those, skip this article and give us a call! If that’s not quite your bag or your idea is even more EPIC, please read on…

This project was a great opportunity for PS to flex our design/build muscles, and fittingly, we came through like super heroes. Here’s how it went down:

  • JamVan provided us with some hi-res, client-approved movie poster art
  • PS custom-created a proof of concept to help JV’s client visualize the final product in a public space (approval took about an hour, with ZERO need for revisions – Hooray!)
  • PS sourced and ordered the materials, booked the sculptor, set up a work booth (what a mess!) and away we went
  • JamVan was kept in the loop constantly, receiving daily progress photos at every stage to make sure the project was living up to their massive (pun intended) expectations
  • grinder mainly), then the arduous task of surfacing began
  • Three days spent applying and working Aqua-Resin Fibre glass and mesh, and a generous coat of Block Filler, and this puppy was ready for paint
  • High grade metallic paints and some custom colour mixes for the skull, all sealed in a rock-hard semi-gloss clear-coat made sure this work of art wasn’t going to wilt under the elements

Once the piece was done and our special client(s) had ample time to simultaneously cower beneath and drool over the finished product, PS invited everyone down for a detailed seminar on how to set it up, load/unload it (for transport), tear it down, and store it. JamVan’s event went off without a hitch, making two-day stops at: Celebration Square, Mississauga; Dundas Square, Toronto; Union Station, plus a surprise activation at Jurassic Park during the Raptors’ historic Game 6 at the ACC. Think there was anyone at those locations? Nice choices guys! Eight long days on display in the heat, humidity and sporadic rain showers and our nine-foot beast finished its tour of duty looking brand new.

Catch you next time @Jam_Van. Thanks for choosing to work with Performance Solutions!

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