Molson Brings Nations Together: Global Beer Fridge

Molson Brings Nations Together Global Beer FridgeMolson’s Breweries and Google wanted to figure out a way to unite people from different places, ancestral backgrounds, and heritage together with a project that all the while, would reward them with for their united efforts.

Remember the initial Global Beer Fridge project in 2012?   The fridge was sent to Europe and Asia, and when a tourist presented a Canadian passport and scanned it through the “reader” the door opened and the passport holder was rewarded with a little taste of home, a cold Molson’s Canadian beer.

This was an awesome feat and very successful, the challenge was what to do next, how can we take it further?

Molson and Google got together again and decided to make the opening of the fridge a lot more complex!

Instead of Europe, they initially placed the Global Beer Fridge in Toronto, and instead of using a passport to open the fridge, six people had to say “I Am Canadian” in six different languages. This information was submitted electronically to Google Translate, and when the criteria had been met, the door would open.

This promoted engagement from the locals, not only to act as a group but also to learn to work together no matter where they were from.

First the fridge had to be designed and fabricated to house the new technological components for the voice recognition process. New shell, extension, paint branding and installation of the technology took three weeks to complete.

The Making Of Video

As you can see in the video, to make this possible a Wi-Fi interface had to be constructed using a microphone, playback speaker, Samsung tablet with Google Translate to hear the voices, and a display to confirm the languages spoken to the fridge indicating that the translation was successful.

Global Beer Fridge Commercial

The fridge worked and the collections of unique individuals were able to celebrate their teamwork with some frosty Molson beverages. After Toronto, the fridge took a successful tour around the country, with the same results.

Performance Solutions performed all the fridge fabrication work and was asked to help with the task by Thinking Box, the company who developed and installed the interface hard and software.

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Flash Fans: Helping Budweiser Create A Hockey Player’s Dream

Flash Fans: Helping Budweiser Create A Hockey Player’s DreamNo matter how hard some athletes try, many of them will never get to experience the exhilaration of playing a game in front of thousands of screaming fans in a professional arena.

The Budweiser solution was to give two amateur recreational hockey teams that very experience, knowing that the element of surprise was the key to success for this event

Performance Solutions was contacted by the commercial production company to help make this event a reality. As part of the plan, the local community arena had to instantly be transformed with augmented lighting, television coverage, booth announcers and the addition of a Jumbotron!

Watch The Making Of!

Any athlete will tell you that practice makes perfect, and we could not agree more. The morning of the game, there was a full dress rehearsal to make sure the surprise went off without a hitch and when it came time to play, the teams were none the wiser.

It was only moments later when the heartfelt surprise was revealed as the lights turned on, the screen was lifted and the fans poured in. What followed was an emotionally charged intense game that actually ended in overtime.

Canadians have an unparalleled love of hockey and this experience left everyone, players and volunteers, with a memorable shared experience.

Finished Big Game Commercial

Performance Solutions oversaw the rigging installations and were responsible for key moments such as the unfurling of the banners and the dramatic confetti drop for the finale. Looking for a unique solution for your company, whether it be a commercial or special effects, contact us today!

Driving a MINI is Like Riding a Rollercoaster!

Driving a MINI is Like Riding a Rollercoaster!When you see a Mini Cooper on the road, you can’t help but wonder what it is like to drive something that looks so unique. So to help capture that emotion, Anomaly ( BMW’s agency in Toronto) reached out to Performance Solutions to help realize the idea that driving a Mini is like riding a rollercoaster.

We’ve shot a lot of car commercials, but this one really stood out, mainly because the idea was so fun and lighthearted. Here is a link to the final web content.

The concept was turned over n to the design department where they worked through the aesthetic and mechanical challenges of the build.

Once the design was completed the project moved to production.

We purchased 3 used minis with sunroofs and as you can see in the video, we constructed a set of seats for the riders on each car.

We could not rely solely on the roof of the car for structural support so a steel substructure was created to ensure the seats were well secured to the frame of the vehicle. The production company hired a team of precision stunt drivers from Montreal, whose role was to make us believe that just like a rollercoaster, the cars were connected to one another.


Performance Solutions is a trusted resource for special effects builds such as this, working as a partner with our film, television and marketing customers, to ensure success each time.

We will work with your organization to ensure your visions become realities. For more information on how we made a Mini into a rollercoaster, an SUV park in a tight spot, or any of our other capabilities, contact us today!

Audi Wanted To Park A Car On Two Wheels, Don’t Try This At Home!

Customers often come to Performance Solutions in order work through and enhance ideas that they have for Television commercials or Marketing endeavors.

Audi’s agency recently came to us with this request. How can we show off the prowess of the new Audi Q3 with agile engineering, in a unique and interesting way? How can we enhance the concept that the new Q3 can conquer the city by parking in impossibly tight spots?

The stipulations were, we could not alter the car in any way, we could not exceed a 45 degree angle on the car and we had to run on stock factory wheels and rims.

It wasn’t long before the design department produced this creative solution to illustrate the Audi’s nimble capabilities, even if it was in a dramatized way.

Click the link for the rendering video below.

Audi Wanted To Park A Car On Two Wheels, Don’t Try This At Home!


We created a tripod steel structure, where a fifth wheel could be attached. We also bolted a base to the SUV, to help prop the car up on the desired angle.

Once the base was installed, the vehicle was then lifted via forklift, in order to install the 5th wheel and then set the vehicle into the correct position.

Performance Solutions has been supporting the television and film industries with various physical effects, and is a supporting division in our company. Our professional team of accomplished designers, technicians and coordinators has the ability to take your visions or the words on a script and make them reality. For more information on how we made this SUV park in a tight spot, or any of our other capabilities, contact us today!

Tractor Trailer Retrofitted For Movie Experience

The months of January and February of 2015 were all about the Lions Gate release of the movie, Insurgent. Based on the novels by Veronica Roth, the second film in the Divergent Series had a highly anticipated release.

To increase excitement for the nationwide theatrical release, Performance Solutions retrofitted a 53-foot box trailer to advertise a teaser of the film with a 4D interactive showcase. The experience was created through Samsung Gear VR, and is complete with wind and vibrations to make users feel as if they are weightlessly falling off a building, like in the movie.

After purchasing the tractor trailer and producing drawings of the build, we completely stripped the interior and cut the box to install six prefabricated roll up doors. An awning was mounted at each door, to be opened for weather protection.  Entrances and exits were also built, and the tractor and trailer were completely vinyl wrapped for branding purposes.


Ceiling and end walls were illuminated, and several large screen LED TV’s were mounted for playback on the inside and outside of the trailer. A complete scenic installation, including custom fabricated seating to replicate that in the film, was done based on renderings from the client.


Creation of the Insurgent trailer took approximately four weeks and the trailer traveled to six locations across the United States; including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco. On-site support was included and generators were used to power the electronic components.
At Performance Solutions, we enjoy fabricating for creative experiential marketing projects like the movie Insurgent! Have an idea for a creative way of advertising? Contact us today for more information on how we can provide a solution for your business!