Driving a MINI is Like Riding a Rollercoaster!

Driving a MINI is Like Riding a Rollercoaster!When you see a Mini Cooper on the road, you can’t help but wonder what it is like to drive something that looks so unique. So to help capture that emotion, Anomaly ( BMW’s agency in Toronto) reached out to Performance Solutions to help realize the idea that driving a Mini is like riding a rollercoaster.

We’ve shot a lot of car commercials, but this one really stood out, mainly because the idea was so fun and lighthearted. Here is a link to the final web content.

The concept was turned over n to the design department where they worked through the aesthetic and mechanical challenges of the build.

Once the design was completed the project moved to production.

We purchased 3 used minis with sunroofs and as you can see in the video, we constructed a set of seats for the riders on each car.

We could not rely solely on the roof of the car for structural support so a steel substructure was created to ensure the seats were well secured to the frame of the vehicle. The production company hired a team of precision stunt drivers from Montreal, whose role was to make us believe that just like a rollercoaster, the cars were connected to one another.


Performance Solutions is a trusted resource for special effects builds such as this, working as a partner with our film, television and marketing customers, to ensure success each time.

We will work with your organization to ensure your visions become realities. For more information on how we made a Mini into a rollercoaster, an SUV park in a tight spot, or any of our other capabilities, contact us today!

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