Flash Fans: Helping Budweiser Create A Hockey Player’s Dream

Flash Fans: Helping Budweiser Create A Hockey Player’s DreamNo matter how hard some athletes try, many of them will never get to experience the exhilaration of playing a game in front of thousands of screaming fans in a professional arena.

The Budweiser solution was to give two amateur recreational hockey teams that very experience, knowing that the element of surprise was the key to success for this event

Performance Solutions was contacted by the commercial production company to help make this event a reality. As part of the plan, the local community arena had to instantly be transformed with augmented lighting, television coverage, booth announcers and the addition of a Jumbotron!

Watch The Making Of!

Any athlete will tell you that practice makes perfect, and we could not agree more. The morning of the game, there was a full dress rehearsal to make sure the surprise went off without a hitch and when it came time to play, the teams were none the wiser.

It was only moments later when the heartfelt surprise was revealed as the lights turned on, the screen was lifted and the fans poured in. What followed was an emotionally charged intense game that actually ended in overtime.

Canadians have an unparalleled love of hockey and this experience left everyone, players and volunteers, with a memorable shared experience.

Finished Big Game Commercial

Performance Solutions oversaw the rigging installations and were responsible for key moments such as the unfurling of the banners and the dramatic confetti drop for the finale. Looking for a unique solution for your company, whether it be a commercial or special effects, contact us today!

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