Joy Goes Around: Two Wheels + One Vision = Bikes for Africa

How about we shelf the world’s more substantial problems for a few minutes and try to feel good about something, okay? Ah, here’s something: Cadbury has decided to give something back at the grass roots level, and they’re making a difference. Through their ongoing Bicycle Factory campaign, Cadbury continues their work to provide citizens of Ghana, Africa with dozens of brand new bicycles. Sure, a bike is just a bike (in Toronto anyway), but in an impoverished rural expanse like Ghana, it is so much more. Don’t believe me? Just take a look:

In 2009 Toronto’s The Hive launched a fantastic online campaign that makes lending a hand to help this great cause just a daily click-and-drag away. But seven years and over 26,000 Facebook page likes later, The Hive decided that 2016 needed to be even bigger…

So who did they turn to when they wanted to boost awareness about their campaign, and get even more people involved? They called Performance Solutions (PS): Toronto’s go-to for experiential marketing success. Because getting the public involved often means doing something BIG, PS helped cleverly brainstorm, custom design and build, lovingly deliver AND expertly operate a very memorable, very successful, and very BIG marketing experience, all right in the heart of Toronto. The event involved boys and girls, and men and women of all ages, and unified them toward a common purpose, all while getting some exercise and having a little fun!

So what did it all look like? Well here it is in a nut-shell.

Picture this: a custom designed and built 12-foot tall, 20-foot wide, 8-bicycle-driven purple steel carousel, propelling a 14-foot tall “joy meter,” loaded with close to 100lbs of Dairy Milk chocolate bars, towering next to a mammoth 120-inch flat-screen monitor, staged in the middle of Toronto’s iconic Dundas Square. And what happened when the peoples’ collective-joy hit critical mass, driving the meter right through the top? SWOOSH! A wave of FREE CANDY!!! WHAT, WHAT?!?! What’s the emoji for 100lbs of free candy? Probably an exploding smiley face! Enough words, let’s go to the tape:

Here’s the summary: great company hires great agency to stage great promotion. Great agency contracts great Design/Build Firm (Performance Solutions) to produce great (big) experiential marking experience. In short: it was great!

To get involved in the campaign, go here: For The Hive’s perspective, go here:

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