Keep the Ball Rolling Toronto: Hoops is Here to Stay!

The Maple Leafs are firmly rooted at the bottom of the league, mired in a rebuild. The Blue Jays are inexplicably playing miles below their championship winning potential. There is, however, one shining star on the Toronto professional sports horizon. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the Toronto Raptors. Playoff madness is upon us and our squad is safely through to the conference finals for the first time EVER. Let’s ignore the challenges the team has endured while scratching their way to this position, and turn a blind eye to the projected outcome of this series, which is [*ahem] tenuous at best, because it’s definitely time to embrace basketball!

This has been big year for hoops in our fair city. Only a few short months ago our city was invaded by giants as the NBA All Star Game rolled through town, and the title sponsor of the host city, BMO, took full advantage, developing some great experiential and viral campaigns to keep the buzz alive. Who did they call to bring their ideas to life? None other than Experiential Marketing ballerz, Performance Solutions (PS).

So, what did PS do to support BMO’s All Star Game campaign? If you found yourself at First Canadian place the week leading up to the event you may have laid eyes on a ten-foot tall BMO branded ATM. While only one machine was created, the piece sure seemed to grab a lot of attention. Maybe it was the well chosen, high traffic location. Maybe it was a timely activation, as the city was already gearing up for excitement of the game. Okay, let’s face it, it was a ten-frigging-foot-frigging-tall-frigging ATM! Well, whatever it was, it was successful and newsworthy on several news and social media sites, including CBC and CTV, and even ran rampant in the blogisphere while the event was in town. Judging by the results of my Google image search, it was also a popular photo-op!

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The second tier of the campaign featured a custom built, robot driven, two-way communicative basketball, known affectionately as the NBA “BallStar” (OMG – cute!).

Sitting next to our special effects (SFX) wizard as he painstakingly dismantled, tested and evaluated countless motors from RC vehicles, robotic toys and even power tools, showed what really goes into making these projects successful. I can promise you one thing, it’s a lot more than you think! The BallStar was inspired by the state of the art mechanics that powered Star Wars Episode 7 droid-darling BB-8. Performance Solutions created an expressive, dynamic and loveable character. Let’s check out his work, featured in a few viral spots below.

Whether it’s set design and construction, special effects, prop design or experiential marketing support you need, Performance Solutions always designs, develops and delivers, on time and on budget.

Here are some of the hilarious viral spots from the campaign:

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