Metal Kings Meet King of Beers: Performance Performs Impeccably (again!)

With the help of Toronto-based custom fabrication studio, Performance Solutions and our friends at Anomaly (@anomalyxd), Budweiser has added something new to their world famous, beechwood-aged beer recipe. Is it overpowering hoppiness? Nope. Is a natural lime flavour infusion, you ask? Not this time. For a limited run (…91,000 frosty cans to be exact), Budweiser has teamed up with heavy metal juggernauts Metallica, arguably one of the world’s most commercially successful bands, to release Metallica-infused beer. As mentioned, at the heart of the campaign was Performance Solutions. Here’s how it all went down…

On September 16, 2015, Metallica played a sold out show to launch the Centre Vidéotron, in Quebec City. The aim: to attempt to supply the oldest city in Canada with hard rock-infused Budweiser beer. (Okay, the real aim: to make even more money.) To make this experiential marketing stunt possible, Performance Solutions was commissioned for the custom metal fabrication of the speaker systems that helped imbue, not only kegs, but a full-scale tanker truck full of beer, with Metallica’s hard rock essence. In what seemed like no time at all, the complex rigs were custom designed, custom fabricated and lovingly delivered to the venue, in time for the sold-out show. The precious amber cargo was then promptly sealed in, badass looking, Metallica-branded, black cans. The Franken-beer hit shelves almost immediately. Was the event a success you ask? Well, months after the event we came across someone offering a sealed case (24 beers) for $300, and another savvy profiteer peddling individual cans for $15 apiece. In short, the product must have sold out, proving two things: 1) that experiential marketing truly is #1; and 2) Performance Solutions is #1 in experiential marketing fabrication.

Performance Solutions at work (aka. Just doin’ what we do…)

  • Designed and applied custom keg-wraps to brand each barrel-o-brew
  • Designed and fabricated the keg infuser (featured prominently in the video linked below)
  • Designed and fabricated simulated (sshhhh!), over-sized speakers, mounted on the beer tanker truck
  • Managed the whole sha-bang like rock stars: the entire job was costed, resourced, fabricated and shipped in under four days (…and all over a weekend, no less!!)

Watch below to see this bona-fide scientific process and media freak-fest in action.

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