Molson Brings Nations Together: Global Beer Fridge

Molson Brings Nations Together Global Beer FridgeMolson’s Breweries and Google wanted to figure out a way to unite people from different places, ancestral backgrounds, and heritage together with a project that all the while, would reward them with for their united efforts.

Remember the initial Global Beer Fridge project in 2012?   The fridge was sent to Europe and Asia, and when a tourist presented a Canadian passport and scanned it through the “reader” the door opened and the passport holder was rewarded with a little taste of home, a cold Molson’s Canadian beer.

This was an awesome feat and very successful, the challenge was what to do next, how can we take it further?

Molson and Google got together again and decided to make the opening of the fridge a lot more complex!

Instead of Europe, they initially placed the Global Beer Fridge in Toronto, and instead of using a passport to open the fridge, six people had to say “I Am Canadian” in six different languages. This information was submitted electronically to Google Translate, and when the criteria had been met, the door would open.

This promoted engagement from the locals, not only to act as a group but also to learn to work together no matter where they were from.

First the fridge had to be designed and fabricated to house the new technological components for the voice recognition process. New shell, extension, paint branding and installation of the technology took three weeks to complete.

The Making Of Video

As you can see in the video, to make this possible a Wi-Fi interface had to be constructed using a microphone, playback speaker, Samsung tablet with Google Translate to hear the voices, and a display to confirm the languages spoken to the fridge indicating that the translation was successful.

Global Beer Fridge Commercial

The fridge worked and the collections of unique individuals were able to celebrate their teamwork with some frosty Molson beverages. After Toronto, the fridge took a successful tour around the country, with the same results.

Performance Solutions performed all the fridge fabrication work and was asked to help with the task by Thinking Box, the company who developed and installed the interface hard and software.

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