Performance Solutions Answers the (Curtain) Call

There is a trend developing in the architectural realm, and it’s growing fast. The challenge: to maximize usage and revenue streams, particularly in public buildings, such as libraries, universities and sports complexes. The solution: make existing spaces more adaptable.

Space is at a premium. Construction and operating costs are soaring. So how did a modest yet stable community such as Lethbridge, Alberta acquire a mid-sized live concert venue, without forking out millions of dollars for a new construction? The answer is simple: they called Toronto’s custom fabrication specialists, Performance Solutions (PS). The municipally owned and operated ENMAX Centre, home of the WHL’s Lethbridge Hurricanes, is the latest sports venue to contract the services of PS to custom fabricate a motorized divider curtain system. The dynamic system has given the 7,100 seat ENMAX Centre, the entertainment hub of Lethbridge, the ability to host more intimate productions (as few as 1000 seats), while transforming a cavernous arena into an inviting theatre setting. The flexibility is opening up a world of new potential for the venue’s usage patterns and revenue streams.

Sure, you already know Performance Solutions for their decades of support and expertise in the areas of special effects, set design & set construction, movie props, and (the afore blogged-about) experiential marketing construction but PS is flexing their metal fabrication muscles in a different way, and has been for some time now. Their custom designed, expertly installed, all-steel, winch-driven, remote or pendant-controlled, proprietary system allows a team as small as two people to hoist 180 linear feet of 35’ curtain in as little as 45 minutes; and it comes down even faster! What does all of this mean? Less time + less effort + less manpower = lower cost per production. Are these attributes valuable to venue operators? Hmmm….. D’YA THINK?!?

The ENMAX Centre is not the first to knock on Performance Solutions’ door. Our reputation as experts in the field is growing as fast as the need for adaptable venues. You can find our motorized divider curtain systems in a host of other arenas, including Oshawa’s G.M. Centre (5,500 seats) and Kingston’s K-Rock Centre (5,700 seats), who loved it so much that they have now purchased three separate divider curtain systems, placing them in another stratosphere of flexible space. Performance Solutions has also delivered perimeter curtain systems to even larger venues, such as: Toronto’s Air Canada Centre (19,800 seats); Ottawa’s Canadian Tire Centre* (19,153 seats); and NYC’s Madison Square Garden (18,200 seats). Think your space is too big, too old or too weird? Try us: we’ll find a custom designed and custom fabricated solution that’s just right for your venue. [*Formerly Scotiabank Place]

Click the link below to see the ENMAX motorized divider curtain system in action. Visit our Architectural page, or just pick up the phone call us at 416.461.9600. We’ve got all of the answers!

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