Salute To A Small Town With A Big Job

Salute To A Small Town With A Big JobEver heard of a small town in Northern Quebec called Saint-Jerome? Truth be told we hadn’t either.

Turns out Saint-Jerome has a story to share and our friends at Budweiser felt it needed to be told.

Performance Solutions was asked by Anomaly to help tell this story and salute the folks of Saint-Jerome, Quebec.

What we learned is that Saint-Jerome is the birthplace of the official hockey puck to the NHL. A company called Soucy Baron produces all the pucks, its one of only a few hockey puck factories in the world, they produce about 5 million pucks each year.

After production, the pucks are sent to the league’s official supplier, InGlasCo in Sherbrooke, Quebec. InGlasCo stamps each puck with the necessary logos and distributes them to the individual teams.

Thank You For The Goals!

What Budweiser and former NHL player Mike Bossy wanted to do was to create a one-of-a-kind gift, a town sign, actually fabricated with hockey pucks which were signed by famous personnel and passionate hockey fans.

Traveling around Canada, Anomaly acquired over 900 autographed pucks, which would be integrated into the sign.

Performance Solutions was contracted to produce the sign, and deliver it to Saint-Jerome where the sign was reveal to a large audience of local dignitaries, families and friends.

Goal Homecoming Video

After its initial reveal, the sign was donated to the city, for everyone who enters the town to see.

From concept to design and on to fabrication, Performance Solutions will make sure your experimental marketing project is completed to highest standard. For more information on how we made this one of a kind sign or any of our other services, please feel free to contact us today!

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