What Do Drake & Performance Solutions Have In Common?

Just a little video you may have heard of called Hotline Bling?

If you haven’t had the pleasure of viewing this internet sensation and visually unique music video then we must question – what have you been doing with your time on the internet?

The hugely viral video for Hotline Bling has taken the internet by storm.

Published on YouTube in the DrakeVEVO channel back on October 26th, the video now has over 65 million views.

In no time, viewers took to social media to create memes, GiFs, Vines, and tweets based on Drake’s dance moves.

Guardians of the Galaxy Hotline Bling

Even the celebrities took to the web and television to parody the video.

Verne Troyer to Saturday Night Live with Donald Trump got into the act.

This complex and challenging set was constructed with the skills of 12 carpenters in an extremely tight 5 day turn around racking up almost 1300 man hours, and spending a ton of money.

Materials included:

What Do Drake & Performance Solutions Have In Common?

120 Rubber wheels, 1125 square meters of white spandex fabric, 206 gallons of white paint, 100 sheets of ¾ inch plywood, and 55 sheets of ¼ inch luan.

With the help of local Torontonians, such as Director X and production designer Jeremy Macfarlane, combined with the herculean efforts of our crew at Performance Solutions, and with the musician himself, fellow Canadian and Torontonian Aubrey Drake Graham, everyone was able to come together and make this video possible.

Performance Solutions has been working with Drake since back in the Degrassi days, where Drake first showcased his talents to the world.

Performance Solutions creates special effects and unique props for the marketing and entertainment industries in Toronto for over 27 years.

Our projects, like Hotline Bling, are finished on time and on budget.

If your company is looking for experiential marketing, special effects, set construction or architectural installations, contact us today!

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