What do Marilyn Monroe, Willem Defoe and Performance Solutions have in common?

A super bowl commercial is a major investment for any product and for this year’s game, Snickers stepped right up. Perhaps that’s why they approached Performance Solutions with the goal of creating a truly memorable commercial.

Recently the “Just not the same when you’re hungry” campaign has cast a diverse collection of stars, however this year was special. Marilyn Monroe was as the lead and the famous billowing skirt sequence from her film The 7 year Itch was the catalyst for this spot. Our task was to replicate that challenging scene.

Performance Solutions was asked to oversee the design and hardware configurations to make it all work. The skirt billowing wind doesn’t come from nowhere!

The setup was tested right here in Toronto where we made sure it was 100% perfect. We then sent test footage to the production company in New York and once approved we sent the design and hardware breakdown to them to make the magic happen.

Yes, we are loosely calling Willem Defoe in a dress and heels as ‘magic.’

Here is the ad:

The most memorable moment from our perspective was watching a short heavyset special effects man testing in the shop, wearing a cheap skirt and high heels.

But then again, that’s just another day at Performance Solutions.

This is our second opportunity to work on a Super Bowl commercial and we are certain it won’t be our last.

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